1 Marching on! marching on!
Glad as birds on the wing,
Come the bright ranks of soldiers
From near and from far;
Happy hearts, full of song, ’neath
Our banners we bring;
We are soldiers of Zion
Prepared for the war.

Marching on! marching on!
Sound the battle cry!
Sound the battle cry!
Marching on! marching on!
Shout the victory,
The victory, the victory!

2 Pressing on! pressing on!
To the din of the fray,
With the firm tread of faith to
The battle we go;
’Mid the cheering of angels,
Our ranks march away,
With our flags pointing ever
Right on tow’rds the foe.

3 Fighting on! fighting on!
In the midst of the strife,
At the call of our captain,
We draw every sword;
We are battling for God,
We are struggling for life,
Let us strike every rebel
That fights ’gainst the Lord.

4 Singing on! singing on!
From the battle we come,
Every flag bears a wreath,
Every soldier renown;
Heav’nly angels are waiting
To welcome us home,
And the Savior will give us
A robe and a crown.

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Blessy Christlin


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