1 Hearken, ye soldiers, the trumpet calls for war,
The sound of the conflict fills the air;
The forces of Zion are gathering near and far,
The hots for the battle now prepare.

Rally round the banner, lift the standard high;
Clad in royal armor, the foe we may defy;
Forward now and onward, raise the battle cry;
We are marching on to victory.

2 Strong is the foeman behind his stony walls,
And strong in his columns in the field;
But Truth still is stronger, and Error faints and falls
When God in His people stands revealed.

3 Tried is the Captain who leads us to the fray,
And keen-edged and true the Spirit’s sword;
All good things are with us, and we must win the day;
We fight for the glory of the Lord.

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Blessy Christlin


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