1 We are on our march thro’ a dessert land,
With the banner of Jehovah o’er us;
We have lived our life like a pilgrim band,
With the happy end of toil before us.

At the Jordan, at the Jordan,
We shall never fear the passage to the other side;
At the Jordan, at the Jordan,
God has made an open way thro’ the tide.

2 With the cloud by day and the fire by night,
All the journey has our hope been glowing;
We shall look ere long on the promised height,
with the river in between us flowing.

3 To the Jordan’s brink we at last shall come,
And the Ark of God will cleave the river;
With the tread of faith we shall gain our home,
And our hearts shall be at rest forever.

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Blessy Christlin


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