1 When earth’s labors are o’er,
And I rest on the shore
Of that land where no storms ever beat,
I shall see, face to face,
Him who saved me by grace,
And the saints of all ages shall greet.

O the joy I shall know,
O the joy I shall know,
When the face of my Savior I see;
When He welcomes me home
’Neath His fair palace dome,
O how sweet will His words be to me!

2 There no shadows can fall,
And no death e’er appall,
For the Lord is the light and the life;
By His glory so bright
Shall be banished the night,
And the peace which He gives ends all strife.

3 I shall join in the psalm
To the glorified Lamb,
For salvation so full and so free;
All my fears will be past;
I’ll be safe home at last,
Evermore with the Lord there to be.

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Blessy Christlin


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