1 We are sailing on to the Promised Land,
And our Pilot steers with a steady hand,
We shall reach the port on the other shore,
Meet the saved of earth who have gone before.

On the Gospel Ship we can safely ride,
At the helm is One who controls the tide;
Ev’ry wind and wave must obey His will,
They are hushed to calm at His, “Peace, be still.”

2 Tho’ the waves roll high as we onward sail,
Tho’ our ship is tossed by the furious gale,
We can rest secure, for the Lord will keep,
He is with us still on the stormy deep.

3 There’s a light agleam on the darkest night,
For His blessed Word is a beacon bright,
So we hoist our sails to the fresh’ning breeze,
And will safely land when the Master please.

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Blessy Christlin


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