Enough to nature and to grief is paid,
Indulge no more these unavailing tears;
Not all your comforts in the grave are laid,
Through grief’s dark shade a lucid ray appears.

A ray of heaven fair beaming through the gloom!
Bids fainting hope lift up her languid eyes;
While faith directs her view beyond the tomb,
To those bright scenes where joys immortal rise.

Cleans’d, in the Saviour’s blood, from every stain,
Think with what transport you will meet above,
(For ever free from sin and grief and pain)
The dear, departed object of your love!

Then, though your bleeding heart its loss deplore,
O yet be each repining thought supprest,
That sovereign hand, which cannot err, adore,
Here, may your heart with full affiance rest.

Indulgent mercy blends, with lenient skill,
Sweet cordials with the bitter cup of woe:
And many a friend, and many a comfort still,
Are kindly spar’d to cheer your stay below.

Your stay, perhaps for high important ends,
May be prolong’d through many circling years,
A blessing to your partner, children, friends,
And future comfort pay your present tears.

May humble resignation calm your breast,
And faith enjoy, with heaven illumin’d eye,
A prospect of the regions of the blest,
Where pleasures bloom, that never, never die!

Added by

Blessy Christlin


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