1 Church of God, thou spotless virgin,
Church of Christ, for whom He died,
Thou hast known no human founder,
Jesus bought thee for His bride.
Sanctified by God the Father,
Built by Jesus Christ the Son,
Tempered by the Holy Spirit,
Like the Holy Three in One.

2 God Himself has set the members
In His body all complete,
Organized by Jesus only,
Oh, the union, pure and sweet!
Church of God, the angels marvel
At the music of thy song;
Earth and hell in terror tremble,
As thy army moves along.

3 Church of God, “beloved city,”
Thou art of celestial mold;
Lo, from God, and out of heaven,
Came the city of pure gold.
Stones of jasper, clear as crystal,
Is the building of thy wall;
And the Lamb, thy light forever,
Jesus, Jesus, all in all.

4 God’s own holiness within thee,
His own beauty on thy brow;
Glorified in His own image,
This thy wondrous portion now.
In thee dwells the triune fullness,
Blessing all thy pilgrim days;
All around thee His salvation,
And before thee gates of praise.

5 Church of God, in heaven written,
Thine the risen life of Christ,
And the treasures to thee given,
Never, never can be priced.
Far above this world’s confusion,
Walking close by Jesus’ side,
Leaning on His loving bosom,
Is the church, His chosen bride.

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Blessy Christlin


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